Exciting news!

It is with great honor that after more than two decades of providing foot relief, Scott and Viki Molloy, founders of Advance Tech Orthotics, have retired. They are enjoying time with family and warmer weather now!

Advance Tech Orthotics has merged with Ultimate Arch Orthotics to continue to offer you the best service and the most pain reliving orthotics. Darren and Denese Gettel, have been in business since 2004 but have more than 20 years of experience. In fact, Viki and Denese met while working together with these orthotics back in 1995 and have been best friends ever since. Eventually these two started their own businesses but continued to be trusted colleagues, working together to support one another as their companies grew. When the Molloys were ready to retire, they knew their was only one set of people who would care for their customers as much as they did, so it only made sense that Darren and Denese would continue their legacy. So rest assured, you’re in great hands!

Please be patient with us as we get our website setup and continue the process of merging our businesses. We would love to help you find the foot, leg, and back pain relief that you’ve been looking for. Please call us today or visit our us at an event so that we can get you on the road to relief today.